Grandpa Meets Boyfriend

Comfort and convenience, not the best litmus test for a man, but certainly a winning act when paired with fashion. These days, I’m usually wearing a power suit and black pumps, so when given the chance to look effortlessly chic (read: like I just rolled out of bed), I embrace it. I gladly ditched my 9 to 5 look, took a few pointers from men’s fashion, and had an absolute field day.


Benetton Cardigan | Forever 21 Tank | Versace Sunglasses

The great thing with fashion is that it’s like a revolving door. Trends cycle in and out, but classic, timeless pieces have the potential to become vintage. That’s exactly the case for my oversized grandpa cardigan. It’s a United Colours of Benetton staple my mother wore twenty years ago. Plus, Pantone recently named Emerald as the Color of the Year and I’d like to think that this hue of green is close enough. My black sunglasses are an homage to Versace and to Stana Katic (you must watch For Lovers Only). I quite literally watched the movie and fell in love with her sunglasses. I feel transported back in time every time I put on my sunglasses, a splendid feeling, really.


Coach Watch

Grandpa had to meet the boyfriend someday, right? My Black Friday splurge is also my everyday staple. It’s a solid piece of metal sure to set off TSA metal detectors at every airport. You can thank Coach for that one. To this day, I have no regrets that I opted for rose gold over regular gold, as the rose hue gives an otherwise chunky watch a feminine touch. And, I must say, it’s nice to consistently be on time for once.


Ariella Ring | Gifted Necklace | Essie Chocolate Kisses Nail Polish

A close-up of my jewelry and manicure. The long necklace with an assortment of C’s is an homage to my last initial, and a thoughtful, unique gift from my college roommate and dear friend. The gold ring with “faith” script is from the Nordstrom Ariella collection. Collectively, my friends and I have rings that spell out “faith,” “hope,” and “love.” Lovely, isn’t it? My nails are painted with Essie’s Chocolate Kisses, somewhere in-between brown and oxblood. It’s one of my go-to colors because its functional enough to be professional, but dark enough to be slightly edgy.


LA Street Vendor Necklace

I threw on this shorter gold necklace with a miniature owl pendant last minute before rushing out the door. What do you think of the owl? It’s a random buy from a street vendor in Westwood a few years ago. Recently, I’ve been a fan of layering necklaces and mixing gold and silver. It immediately renders your look eclectic, and also helps the indecisive gal in me. Best of both worlds! Problem solved, right?


Zara Leggings

Recently, I’ve taken a liking for animal print, namely leopard. I love the animalistic and almost barbaric aspect of it, and the fact that any girl that dons anything leopard has to have a confident and commanding prowess. That said, these black leopard leggings from Zara are my new favorite. If you ever doubted that leopard and understated could coexist peacefully together, rawr, these leggings will prove you wrong.


Liz Clairborne Flats

Finishing off the look quite literally from head to toe in a pair of black, Liz Clairborne ballet flats. They are the epitome of flat flats, but oh so comfortable and they always seem to look better with black leggings.


When in doubt, running late, or feeling under the weather, take a cue from my book and find solace in an oversized cardigan and a pair of leggings while maximizing comfort and style. This look is trendy enough to be considered “girl pretty,” and leggings are body contouring and hence always “guy pretty.” Kill two birds with one stone, and don’t even feel guilty about it.



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