The New Black

Fool-Proof Green Juice, sealed in air-tight mason jars, which are good refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Freshly made juice, when sealed in air-tight mason jars, are good refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Say goodbye to gluten-free and paleo because they are a thing of the past. Welcome 2013, where juicing is the new black and certainly with a cult following. Go ahead, take a look around at your social circle and you’ll be surprised just how many people juice nowadays. I started hearing word of this thing called” juice” towards the end of last year, but the skeptic in me remained largely disinterested. Juice? You mean those overly sweet, preprocessed colored concoctions collecting dust at Costco’s across the country?  Apparently not! In the past two weeks, I have watched: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead; Food Matters; Forks over Knives; and Hungry for Change – all good food documentaries made by proponents for healthy eating, people hungry for change. From watching all these documentaries, I’ve realized that the food you consume is a daily, conscious-driven choice, and one of the few things in life you do have full control over. For me, the new year brought about a tabula rasa – a mental cleansing, a physical transformation, an emotional betterment, and an overall fresh start. That’s why, eight days into the new year, I decided to take control of at least one aspect of my life. Armed with my Amazon Prime account and one-click buy option, I invested in a mid-range Breville juicer. And I haven’t been happier since!

As a doubter turned devotee, I know what’s running through your head. Questions, such as: Why should I juice when I can just eat the fruits and vegetables? Is juicing even worth it, considering how much a juicer costs? Can I blend instead of juice? Is it really as good as you claim? I know, I’ve been there. It’s called denial…and the next, logical step is acceptance. Certainly, you can (and should be) consuming your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, but juicing allows you to consume five times more nutrients than you would from eating alone. Plain and simple, it’s unimaginable and almost unrealistic to ingest the amount of food that goes into a juicer, plus the meals you already eat. Granted, juicers can get extremely pricey, with mid-market, centrifugal juicers selling at $100 a pop and professional-grade, masticating juicers going at $500 each. But considering how much a glass of fresh-made juice sells for at your local Whole Foods (oft at least $7), on top of the use-to-price ratio of having your personal juicer in the comfort of your own home, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Juicing itself is the process of extracting the water content from fruits and vegetables, so all you’re left with is a glass of good, old fashioned juice chock full of micro nutrients and minerals. Because it’s introduced in your body in water form, it goes straight to your blood stream. Not scared off yet? The nutrients are immediately absorbed by your body, meaning your body reaps all the benefits while your digestive system takes a break and you experience a non-caffeinated spike in energy. It’s important to stress that juicing should not be a meal replacement or a fast. I stand by the fact that the safest way to achieve optimal health is not through fad dieting, but rather, by exercising moderation and eating all three meals. Everything in moderation! The point is: juicing as a supplement is an easy and painless way of adding a range of vitamins and minerals into a healthy diet. People I know who are into juicing advocate it so passionately because of the health and cosmetic benefits it provides: physical detoxification, mental clarity, clear skin, lustrous hair, and a healthy lifestyle. Not only do you start feeling and looking healthier, but you also start craving healthy foods and become passionate about leading a balanced lifestyle. So I dare you to make that impulse purchase. I’ll even make your life easier and give you a fail-proof green juice recipe. To make it extra appetizing, I’ve dubbed it my Fresh-Cut Lawn Juice:

Freshly cut and washed fruits and vegetables, ready for the juicer.

Freshly cut and thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables, ready for the juicer.

Fresh-Cut Lawn Juice:

1 Bundle Celery
1 Cucumber
1 Handful Kale
1 Handful Spinach
1 Handful Red Dandelion
1 Dash of Parsley and/or Cilantro
1 Lemon
1-2 Fuji Apples
1″ Ginger Root
1 Teaspoon Spirulina and/or Cereal Grass powder

Here’s my two cents on it all: More often than not, life is not kind, nor is it fair. But in one respect with which it is fair, life does not allow you to take any shortcuts or to cheat for very long. All the sleepless nights spent partying, eating out, stressing at work, and pulling all nighters can and will catch up with our peers. We only have one life to live and all those unnecessary stressors act as overkill on our delicate bodies. So let’s love ourselves and be kind to our bodies. Think and act one step ahead of the game. Consider juicing a wise decision and worthy health investment. With patience and dedication, we will inevitably reap what we sow, and our future selves will surely thank us for it!



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