Oversized in Red


H&M Grey Scarf | Urban Outfitters White Tee | Asos Red Envelope Clutch | Michael Kors Watch | Zara Flats & Trousers

It’s been known amongst my friends that I’m the one that would not only be carrying the largest purse among us but also the one that carries anything from Febreeze to packs of chocolate pudding at any given time. In the past couple months, my purse hoarding habit has recently held more cons than pros. I find myself constantly sifting through items just to find my mints, usually happening at the most time-sensitive moments, before impromptu meetings with an important client, running into an old friend, and after choosing to add those extra onions on my In-N-Out burger. This, added with minor shoulder pain from toting around all my “necessities,” has led me to enter into a much happier realm of oversized clutches. After sporting this clutch for a couple weeks, I’ve separated my needs from the completely unnecessary and it has made switching purses so much easier!

What I love about this clutch is that not only was it inexpensive, unfortunately it’s no longer available at Asos, but it makes for a great work-night accessory. For those of you that get off work after the standard five o’clock like I do, I find myself rushing to post-work plans with little to no time to get ready – so versatility is a big plus for me. When I’m on the road to meet clients, this clutch has been large enough to fit documents without bending them yet it’s not too flashy for the office. A rich red as a backdrop for its gold hardware detailing turns into a perfect statement piece that could work in both casual and formal occasions.


XX. Tiffany


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