The January Blues

If you live in Southern California, the weather as of late has had its up and downs. Eighty degree weekends were mixed with 40 degree nights and according to my weather forecast it’s supposed to rain this Saturday.

These hot and cold weathered mood swings have unconsciously made me reach for comforting oatmeal colored sweaters and a lovely blue and grey tinged bottle of polish fondly known as Essie’s St. Barth’s Blue. Colder months makes this cool toned manicure so fitting and when paired with a sparkly accent nail, it makes for the perfect pick-me-up for those January blues.

What’s your go-to polish pick when you’re feeling under the weather?

XX. Tiffany


2 thoughts on “The January Blues

  1. Karla says:

    I have tons of those Martha Stewart glitters but never thought to add them to my nails. Just sprinkle it on after the color polish I assume?

    • Three Teaspoons A Day says:

      Hi Karla!

      Martha Stewart glitters are great because they tend to be superfine. I love how they have such a wide variety to choose from!

      I’ve definitely just sprinkled glitter on my nails after my second coat, waited for it to dry, and then painted on my top coat. But another method I like to use is to take an old/cheap bottle of clear nail polish (I suggest one with a more watery consistency so its easier to mix) and pour some of the glitter inside (with the help of creased paper), shaking it up before using it just like any glitter top coat!

      Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be sure to do a tutorial soon!

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