It Started With A Teapot

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When working the 9 to 5 grind, pick-me-ups are a must in order to maintain a certain level of good energy in the workplace. From pick-me-up coffee to buying a pick-me-up bamboo calculator (don’t judge me), whatever you choose, at the end of the day all you want is to bring just a little bit of indulgence into an otherwise dull cubicle. Who can say no to some added luxury into their lives?

Last year, I was definitely in a work slump. Tired of being unmotivated and having seconds seem like minutes, I decided to conduct a mini-experiment. If I couldn’t change my job, I would change my environment, and this would hopefully lead to a renewed sense of perspective; so I began to redecorate. New additions included color-coded folders, a new label maker, some contemporary art pieces, and these great magnetic strips that made my office’s less-than-chic green paint look actually tasteful. However, the most exciting and influential change that came about was my newly designated tea corner and it all started with a single teapot.

Now mind you, this is not just a normal teapot. This is a porcelain stackable cup and teapot with a built-in tea infuser and flip-top lid. Did I mention the charming design and all the cute colors it comes in? After I had made the decision to turn some leftover space into a tea corner, I stored some of my favorite loose leaf teas (Tranquil Tea Lounge’s containers are great and they’re roughly 2oz each) and brought them to the office. Slate coasters added a nice contemporary look to my desk and turned my boring desks space into an afternoon of high tea.

The results? It’s amazing of how productive I became and how my mentality towards work has changed. I actually found it rewarding to be there and I was able to revive that passion that I once had back when I first started my job. Believe me – your coworkers and supervisors will notice! So instead of trying to change yourself, which I had learned from Human Organizational Behavioral to be nearly impossible due to our personalities being pretty much established from a young age, I changed my surroundings and thus changed myself. So 23 days into the new year and I have already increased my satisfaction from work, become a happier person when I’m off work, and am getting a chockfull of antioxidants every day from all this tea I’ve been drinking. Not too shabby Tiffany, not too shabby at all.

Poketo Tea for One Brewing Set

Poketo Tea for One Brewing Set in Turquoise $29.00

*Disclaimer: I’ve noticed that when filled with boiling water, the teapot can actually get quite hot so use very carefully.


Some of my favorite loose leaf teas from Tranquil Tea Lounge (very affordable!) & Teavana’s Youthberry + German Rock Sugar

photo 4

Slate Coasters | Bamboo Tissue Box + Calculator | Poketo Tea for One | Stainless Steel Tea Holders |                              An old flower vase that fits my tea bags perfectly

XX. Tiffany


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