Damsels in Distress No More

Sephora has this amazing, super affordable Minimergency Kit by Ms. & Mrs. for all of life’s “emergencies.” It’s complete with: Lip Ointment, Dental Floss, Breath Freshener, Emery Board, Clear Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Hair Spray, Clear Elastics, Earring Backs, Stain Remover Towelette, Double-Sided Tape, Sewing Kit, Deodorant Towelette, Band-Aid, Tampon, and…Advil. Did I mention it’s palm-sized?! It’s a must-have in any woman’s purse. (Case in point: I’ve definitely used the clear nail polish not just for manicure touch-ups, but also as a quick save for unexpected runs in my nylons.)

However, emergencies always tend to strike when you’re least prepared. Because let’s be realistic, the one time you forget to bring Tide-to-Go is the day you spill sangria on your crisp, white blouse (true story). Or, the lousy day you trip and stub your big toe walking up the stairs (not embarrassing at all) is the one time you don’t have a bandage on you…and as a result, you end up having to file the most ridiculous worker’s comp claim known to mankind (also a true story). So, I’ve come up with a list of everyday office supplies that will save the day, or at least, save you from embarrassment. These supplies are so commonplace we overlook its multifunctional use!

Binder Clips: I’m the laughingstock of my coworkers when it comes to this, but I still think binder clips make the best belt replacement. Please tell me I’m not crazy! Okay, maybe I just need to buy pants that actually fit, but hey, it works for me and I’ve fared well so far. In my defense, it’s much safer than a safety pin (oh, the irony…and admit it, we’ve all poked ourselves before). And, it’s less time-consuming than a belt (belts will be a thing of yesteryear once you realize all the time saved from not having to unbuckle said belt.) Just make sure it’s the fetus-sized clips, not the gigantic ones, unless you’re trying to start a new trend.

Double-Sided Tape: I’ve had multiple coworkers come up to me at 8 AM asking if their buttoned-up dress shirt looks okay. More often than not, my answer is a disapproving and unfortunate no. To solve this problem and to avoid potential wardrobe mishaps, I point them to Scotch double-sided tape. Simply tape in-between buttons and replace as necessary. Works like a charm and saves you from funemployment.

Toilet Seat Covers: Every gal wants to look dewy and fresh-faced, but that shiny, perspiring look? Not so much. Before you put down that toilet seat cover, use the waxy side to blot your T-zone. It works as good as those blue oil absorbing sheets, it’s much cheaper (essentially free), and it’s a lot more discreet. Just say you have to use the lady’s room to “powder your nose.”

Purell Wipes: It’s not as good as nail polish remover and certainly no acetone solution, but Purell wipes are basically diluted rubbing alcohol. If you’re at the office and must do a quick mani fix-me-up before that important meeting with all the managers, Purell wipes are heaven-sent. Plus, you can also use them to disinfect your phone from germs.

Floppy Disks: Sounds outdated, right? I’m willing to bet your workplace still has a case or two lying around somewhere. Desktop towers nowadays don’t even have floppy disk drives! Floppy disks work great as coasters for your hot tea. Did I mention it’s office chic?

Outlook Calendar Reminders: It’s all too easy to get caught up with work, and before you realize, the day’s over. So besides setting calendar reminders for the obvious (meetings and conference calls), why not set recurring reminders for the less obvious (taking your vitamins)? It’s a nice break from your otherwise demanding work day, and your body will thank you for it!

Any other lovely office secrets that might save my life someday?


(Source: Rapunzel via fanpop.)


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