Attention to Detail

Having graced the runways of big names like Burberry, Chanel, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood, tartan is on trend this Fall 2012/Winter 2013 season. Late November of last year, the Duchess of Cambridge solidified the trend with an Alexander McQueen tartan coat dress whilst paying tribute to her alma mater.


Personally, I’ve always had a penchant for both argyle and tartan; it’s appropriate for cold days, whether it be brisk autumn evenings or dreary winter nights. On men, I find that peep of crisp collar under a classic argyle sweater so attractive, a nod to Ivy League prep. On women, well-tailored tartan adopts a look that has historically been confined to Scottish kilts and Catholic schoolgirls, making it modern, trendy, and versatile. 20130128-001211.jpgI tried my hand at the trend this weekend, pairing a high-waisted, pleated tartan skirt with a black, button-down dress shirt and a forest green cardigan. 20130128-001223.jpgIt’s all in the detailing; note the finely stitched pleats on the wool fabric of the tartan, against the pleated dress shirt with brushes of lace. Attention to detail means topping off the look with a bright jade ring, oval setting and all. More and more, I find myself drawn to oval, over round, bevel, and princess cut; it’s at once antique and novel. 20130128-001230.jpgThat elusive balance between finding your own sense of style, being on par to current trends, and dressing like a lady is of utmost importance to me. This outfit does just that; it’s suitable for church or meeting the parents.



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