OC Hotspot: Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey, located at the Camp in Costa Mesa, has been on my radar since I stumbled upon it after a day of shopping at South Coast. I was driving towards Urban Outfitters at The Lab and immediately did a U-turn (dangerous, do not copy) because I immediately fell in love with their store’s font. I love finding new foodie places and am always on the lookout for new coffeehouses, bakeries, and cafes to try – thank you Yelp! It’s only been five years since Milk + Honey first made their presence known, back in 2008, and they’ve already gotten such a great following because you can really taste the quality in their beverages.

With organic coffee and tea offerings alongside some dessert and basic food items, I usually end up going there for their drinks as their food/desserts are good but not anything out of the ordinary. I am particularly fond of their Cucumber-ade (cucumber + lemonade) because it’s not concocted with syrups and artificial flavorings but rather made with fresh cucumber. Although I personally have never tried any of their coffee beverages, I do hear that they make a mean lavender tea latte.

Seating is on a first come first serve basis, as space is limited and the indoors seating tend to fill up fast, which can be a drawback during the colder months. But a quaint outdoors patio lets customers sip and chat beneath a cozy canopy of vines. There’s a modern yet intimate feel once you walk through the doors of this cafe. Perfect place to go to catch up with friends or after a hot yoga session at their many neighboring Bikram Studios. For hours of operation and location click here.




Pictures taken by & are property of EyeTsePhotography

XX. Tiffany


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