Orange You Glad to See Me?

Believe me, among all of my friends (except perhaps our juicing aficionado Phoebe!) no one’s a bigger fan of juicing than I am. However, there are benefits of eating whole fruit that our beloved juicer, and all of its glorious benefits, can’t match. Whole fruit gives you a lot more nutrition than juicing because you get all the goodness found in both the skin and the pulp. When a fruit’s skin interacts with sunlight, it produces pigments such as carotenoids that protect our cells from free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to aging, cancer, and cell mutation; studies have shown that the skins of whole fruits not only helps lower the risk for cancer but also protects our body from those harmful UV rays.

Most importantly, the skin and pulp of fruits is a good source of our much-needed dietary fiber. We mainly know fiber to have benefits of building a healthy bathroom routine (putting it nicely), but fiber helps us keep our weight in check by feeding the good probiotic bacteria in our gut. This keeps our digestive lining happy and in return all those toxins, cholesterol, fats, and  excess hormones gets pulled out of our bodies. Adding a nutrient-rich and fiber-filled diet keeps us feeling full and less inclined to munch on those unhealthy snacks.

I took a cue from Michelle Obama and her ChooseMyPlate program. Having implemented this plan at my office last year, I found it to be a resource-filled guide for healthy recipes, portion control tips, and guidelines to help you stay on your newly established health-track. I came across this great tip of how to eat more fruit by keeping a bowl of pre-washed fruit available at all times. This tip really worked for me and I found that when kept in a pretty bowl and arranged in a colorful assortment, the fruit just looked more appetizing! I also kept it right in front of my TV so instead of reaching for those chocolate covered pretzels, I’d reach for a cutie instead. Prepackaged fruits are the best, and by prepackaged I mean fruits that have the skin on (i.e. apples, bananas, plums, pears). An added bonus: they make nice and healthy offerings for your guests when they stop by!


Black Tea, Oranges, and Agate Coasters. My new favorite post-dinner combination.

XX. Tiffany


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