Movie of the Month

This month, an offbeat, Indie rom com called The Giant Mechanical Man caught me off guard and won my heart. I’ll admit, I was compelled to click play 1) because it was free on Amazon Prime/Netflix, and 2) because of Chris Messina.


Chris Messina. Swoon.

But this movie proved to be something more…


Movie of the Month.

Let’s be honest, we are all longing for a sense of belonging… Tell me, have you ever felt down and out, like the whole is plotting against you? How about feeling helpless from joblessness, or just plain frustrated by where you’re at in life? Have you felt annoyed at your overbearing, meddlesome sister/cousin/friend? Or lame, hopeless, and unlucky in love? And what about that terribly awkward tension, the unspoken grey area, when nothing (…yet) might erupt into something (real…)?

Jenna Fischer (The Office) plays female protagonist Janice, unemployed and reluctantly living with her beautiful, happily married younger sister. Chris Messina (New Girl) plays Tim, a heartbroken, struggling street performer (hence, The Giant Mechanical Man) whose talent is a joke and his passion can’t exactly make ends meet. The movie is about these two lonely, “miserable human beings” and their individual struggles, amounting to a mutual understanding and shared connection.

The movie is charming because it’s relatable. Janice? She’s trying – trying to look for a job, trying to move out of her sister’s place, trying to find someone who understands her. Tim? He grows on you – by the end, you kind-of-sort-of can’t help but want your own giant mechanical man. This movie tugs at your heartstrings, reassuring you that really, “It only takes just one person to make you feel special and valid and like you belong in the world.”


PS. It’s still free on Netflix 😉


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