What Is Your Theme Song?

The other day at work, we were asked one question to get our morning going: What is your theme song? You know, the song that would instantly envelop the room if life were a movie and you were to make a grand entrance. The song that gives you an oomph of confidence in that timely and dramatic “cue song” fashion. Right off the bat, two songs came to mind:

The first, Don’t Stop Believing.
It’s the one song you don’t have to be drunk to karaoke to, the one song that hauls everyone out onto the dance floor. There are lines you can identify with, others you’d like to, still others you wish you didn’t have to. (Working hard to get my fill; everybody wants a thrill; paying anything to roll the dice just one more time – respectively.) I think that’s what contributes to its universal appeal. At its core, it’s the kind of song that captures what the Portuguese refer to as saudade and masks it, making it wistfully inviting.

The second, Eye of the Tiger.
I once knew this “aspiring filmmaker” who dubbed the chorus into every short film he produced. He was borderline reckless – with the song intro – and perhaps, with my ever-hopeful high schooler’s heart. I approved the first time, expected it the second, and memorized it by the third. But the consecutive loop thereafter? To this day the song will never be the same to me. Yet, you know something is good if you still think highly of it, still deem it worthy somehow – even after someone takes it, ruins it, demolishes it. (Cue song)

What is your theme song?


(Source: tiger stock photo via World Wild Life.)


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