Fry-less February

With the start of a new year, it’s customary for everyone to make lofty New Year resolutions. Though these resolutions are made with the best intentions (and usually result in huge masses flocking to the gym), there is often a quick tapering off once the resolve loses its luster and becomes, dare I say, routine. We are now thirty-five days into 2013. What have we done, consciously and proactively, to make it a better year than 2012?

Since January, I have started gravitating towards making healthier lifestyle choices, which for me translates into juicing whole foods, making raw foods, and sharing my experiences on this blog. Focusing on health certainly wasn’t a New Year resolution for me; in fact, these were decisions I made on a whim. But one thing I’ve realized is that health is so pervasive. Even a small but conscious decision such as my food intake can affect my energy level, mood, attitude, demeanor, and overall day-to-day life.

The other day, whilst perusing Pinterest (as I usually do in the wee hours of the night), I stumbled upon this picture:20130204-174058.jpg
It was a picture I had seen it before but didn’t think much of. However, when I came across it this time around, I paused for a second. It’s made its rounds on the internet, but it’s the “off-limits list,” in which you give up a food-related indulgence for one whole month. I know it says “bikini ready body,” but interestingly enough, that’s not what I’m doing it for. For me, it’s more about committing to something and eliminating bad habits with baby steps. I see the off-limits list as a challenge that’s difficult yet feasible. Also, I’m curious as to how much willpower I have. It’s amazing how much strength we have within us, and only when faced with tough times do we realize we are much stronger than we think.

It was a huge challenge to refrain from a table full of deep-fried chicken at Superbowl Sunday yesterday, but I did it! Instead, I nibbled on fruit, salad, and baked chicken. I figure if I can commit to something as trivial as refraining from fried foods, I can tackle much bigger vices. In so doing, I hope to create healthy habits and promote a healthier lifestyle for myself and those around me. So much positive energy is channeled into the transition of the new year, and I’m sure that if we extend that determination into each new month, we will have a chance at a fresh start and novel resolve.



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