Last Minute Gifts He’ll Love

With the countdown to Valentines Day closely approaching, the age-old question and panic begins with “What Should I get Him?” Especially if you’ve been dating for a long time, there’s that done-this/done-that routine, and it’s getting harder and harder to find ways to be innovative and sentimental. Perhaps my following statement is biased, being a girl and all, but I feel that guys have it so much easier for Valentines Day! A bouquet of roses, candy, teddy bears, jewelry, options galore are all there for them. I’m happily content with just a simple bouquet of white roses – my favorite. But for us ladies, where are our endless array of options? Electronics can be just as confusing as figuring out your 401K (and chances are he’s going to make you return it because he knows where to get it cheaper), and you can forget about getting him that fluffy teddy bear.


So to help us out, a list has been put together of some foolproof last minute gifts, we’ve tested these on a small pool of guys to be extra sure, that I’m sure your guy will love:


  1.  iGo KeyJuice Charger for his iPod/iPhone/iPad $8.08 (+ Amazon Prime)For the Man Who: Loves His Gadgets, iPhone/iPad/iEverything Owner
    What We Love: Compact, light-weight, keychain-friendly and extremely Budget-Friendly! 


  2. Morphie Juice Pack for Apple Devices $32.02 (+Amazon Prime)For the Guy Who: Loves His Gadgets, Cares about Packaging, Minimalistic & Modern

    What We Love: Compact, keychain-friendly, sleek design, and packs more of a punch for charging vs. other devices  that are in the same size.
  3. Beer of the Month Club 3-month($101.85) / 6-month ($197.10) / 12-month ($383.40)For the Guy Who: Loves His Beer, Happy-Hour Aficionado, Loves His Bro-Time, and Sports GuyWhat We Love: Indulging in a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, reputable (featured in USA Today), offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ships you twelve bottles of 4 different varieties of hand-crafted beer every month, this gift benefits you too (if you just so happen to be there when the order arrives), and makes it a great gift for those of you who love to host beer-pairings! *If your man doesn’t happen to love beer, this site offers a large variety of other assortments! From Coffee Clubs to the Peanut Butter Clubs, you’re bound to find something he likes!Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 4.25.41 PM
  4. Herschel Supply & Co Novel Duffle $79.00For the Man Who: Loves His Shoes, Frequent Traveler, Gym Rat, Fashion-Forward What We Love: Separate shoe compartment, the perfect carry-on that’s great for guys that travel and are constantly on-the-go, gym-friendly, fashionable yet manly, comes in a great variety of colors (can be found at Nordstrom, Zappos, and other online retail stores), and great quality.


  5. Charles Tyrwhitt Shirt $50-$200For the Man Who: Is Fashion-Savvy, Loves His Closet, Business-SharpWhat We Love: Great quality, clean designs, variety of colors, good combo deals, and the customer service is impeccable. Every man needs a good shirt, here’s where to get it from. match-valentines-card_300
  6. Homemade Card (We love the ideas from RealSimple) + Dinner (free minus cost of supplies)

For the Man Who: Loves You.

What We Love: Simple, budget-friendly, and easy to do. Cook his favorite meal, or cook a meal together and have his favorite dessert waiting, and attach a simple card, an intimate gesture that is perfect for any couple for Valentine’s Day. 

XX. Tiffany


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