Trendspotting: Spring 2013 Nail Polish

There is something special about couture nail polish. Perhaps it’s in the clean packaging and overall presentation of the product, or just the high quality of the lacquer. Or simply feeling lavish from splurging on something as unthinkably basic as nail polish. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite designer polishes and their fresh collections for spring.


Coco Chanel: Accessoire, Fracas & Emprise ($27 each)

Coco Chanel debuts a soft and feminine trio for Spring 2013. Though they barely hit the runway two weeks ago in the Chanel couture show at New York Fashion Week, the collection is already up for grabs. These colors are so effortlessly classy; they remind me of when I was a little girl, eying the pretty nail polish on my mother’s vanity set. There is Accessoire, a deep brick-red, Fracas, a flirty and shimmery pink, and Emprise, a buff and subtle nude. I think Accessoire is an absolutely delightful color to transition from winter to spring, and Emprise is a shade I’d wear all year-long!


Estée Lauder: Coral Cult, Dilettante, Absinthe, Narcissist & Lilac Leather ($20 each)

With spring around the corner, I anticipate its arrival not with clear skies and budding flowers, but with nail polish. This year, pale neutrals, soft pinks, and creamy pastels are making a comeback. Estée Lauder’s Paris Macarons Nail Lacquer Collection for Spring 2013 features a bevy of lovely pastels. These bright and playful colors capture the essence of eye-catching macarons (swoon!) from the finest French pâtisseries. I’m eying the coral and also the macarons.


Yves Saint Laurent: Jade Imperial & Bronze Pyrite ($25 each)

Yves Saint Laurent offers two exquisite shades for Spring 2013, Jade Imperial and Bronze Pyrite. The Jade is a slight deviation from last year’s “it” color mint green with a softer hue. What I like about this collection is that it remains true to this season’s nail color trends, yet it seems slightly rebellious by being subtly different. I don’t think it’s any less feminine, but YSL proves one can be girly without being confined to pinks and reds. Personally, I think both colors compliment each other surprisingly well, and I look forward to adding variety through accent nails with this collection.


Christian Dior: Tutu, Rosy Bow & Grid Trianon ($24 each)

Christian Dior’s Cherie Bow Spring 2013 collection is easily my favorite. Tutu is a sophisticated ballerina pink, Rosy Bow is a medium pink cream, and Gris Trianon is a soft dark grey. I love the sheer feminity and sophistication of the collection and I already want all three colors. I am especially fond of the grey – it’s a slightly darker shade of grey than is usually seen, but it’s sure to be a lovely neutral and a must-have in every woman’s vanity. Also, I love how all three colors compliment each other so well; it’s obvious that each color was created with the other two in mind.

Which colors will you be wearing this spring?



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