The Higher the Bun, The Closer to God

As of late, I’ve been having a bit of a bun obsession. Staying up past midnight watching bun tutorials, reading sock bun reviews on Amazon, and perusing Pinterest for bun inspirations (my favorites are below) and how-to’s. As the saying goes “The higher the bun, the closer to God” and after many failed attempts (not to mention a bunch of cut-up socks), today was the day that I finally understood what this meant. Today, with the help of this tutorial, I mastered the sock bun! Victory was mine and angels sung. Perhaps I may be sounding a little dramatic in saying I heard celestial voices. But I do know that every time I manage to have given myself a good hair blowout, or my eyelashes are looking extra good, or when I’m finally noticing that my cheekbone contouring skills have improved (another practice makes perfect success story!), you’ll know that I’m going to be doing a happy dance by myself in my bathroom. Am I a beauty dork? Yes, oh God yes. But as another saying goes, “High hair, don’t care.”

5e4bbbb19781440d9528f6f18f9f22fa   c2567c73678f6793216a96342b19c120   4b2a0a97c2de5d1c67a8a8063bdec9fa

XX. Tiffany


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