It’s OC Restaurant Week!

It’s that wonderful time of the year again; where foodies around the OC rejoice and gleefully choose their prix fixe menu. Starting February 24th – March 2nd, it’s OC Restaurant Week! Restaurant week is the perfect time to try all those five-star restaurants that you’ve been dying to try on Yelp but can’t bring yourself to because of the ‘$$$’ next to its name.

Just go onto their website and you can peruse restaurant choices by price or city. You’re also more than welcome to scroll down the names of all 100 participating restaurants. I’ve done the OC Restaurant Week scene every year and it’s always been a rewarding experience. Some of my recommendations include:

  1. Marrakesh – 3 Course Dinner ($20)I ordered the Chicken Bastilla and Tagine of Chicken, and both were extremely tasty. Their dessert offering of Moroccan Mint Tea and their signature homemade Baklava was delightful. The ambiance felt authentic, service was outstanding, offers a great date night scene, friendly belly dancers offered us some pointers, and their cocktails were on point (drinks not included in the deal) | Yelp Review here.
  2. Ruth Chris Steak House in Anaheim/Irvine – 3 course Dinner ($40)This was an amazing deal, as their steaks alone normally costs what you’ll be paying. Along the pricier end of the OC Restaurant Week options, you definitely will eat to your heart’s content on this one. I ordered the Petite Filet, and my oh my it really did melt in my mouth. It’s making me salivate just thinking about all of its buttery goodness. I would stay away from the Seafood Gumbo appetizer, as it was quite salty, and their desserts were quite good as well | Yelp Review here
  3. True Food Kitchen – doesn’t have the price category listedNow I haven’t personally tried their food, but this is one of the restaurants that’s on my to-do-list after perusing their lot of restaurants. Their menu seems amazing and I can’t seem to decide if I want their Turkey Lasagna or Spaghetti Squash Casserole. Dessert options are equally as tough as their Pomegranate Yuzu Sorbet seems to be calling my name yet the Squash Pie is very intriguing. Decisions decisions! | Yelp Review here.

XX. Tiffany


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