The Boyfriend Watch

Oh boyfriend watch, let me count thy ways that I adore thee! My ideal boyfriend must tick off the following requirements:

1. He must be timeless, for I am looking for someone who continues to grows on me, whom I love more and more each day.

2. He must be bold, a little bit crass, and slightly cocky, for I prefer a chunky hunk of metal that is, in and of itself, a statement.

3. He must be on time, for a real man shall never let his lady wait.

4. He must have several distinctive features, for this sets him apart from the rest. And personally, I like them chronograph.

Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch in Rose Gold – My watch obsession snowballed with a simple Coach watch. Have I mentioned that all Coach watches are Swiss made? I hear they make them better overseas…and I assure you, he looks much better in person. More importantly, rose gold conveys the warmth that gold lacks. And we ladies know a proper man makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.20130213-182846.jpgMichael Kors Bradshaw Collection Boyfriend Watch in Black Ion Plated Stainless Steel – I saw this bad boy on my colleague the other day, and it was love at first sight. Black on black is oh so masculine and so unexpectedly hot. Admittedly, difficult to see at night, but that’s what shiny cars and a girl’s best friend are for, right?20130213-183126.jpgMovado Bold Chronograph Bracelet Watch in Stainless Steel – Mr. Movado may seem simple on the outset, but I assure you, he is the crème de la crème. From his solid inner engineering to his sexy outer façade, he peaks all girls’ interests. Just when we thought stainless steel had been overplayed… Well played Movado, well played.20130213-202613.jpg
Diesel Large Round Chronograph Bracelet Watch in Gunmetal
– The marriage of old school gunmetal and the modern chronograph makes for a surprisingly sporty union. Day or night, work or play, this watch has got character and appeal.20130213-203519.jpgLacoste Biarritz Logo Bezel Bracelet Watch in Gold– The glitterati gold, the signature croc, the crystal indexes, oh my! The attraction of luxe to the luxe is characteristic to the allure of the elegant seaside town in southwestern France. True to his name, Biarritz domineers your full attention.20130213-202713.jpg

What do you look for in a boyfriend? 😉



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