Failed Fry-less February

Soo… Remember that one time I swore off fried foods for February…? Well… Funny story…

During the first weekend of February, I passed on deep-fried chicken but spent Superbowl Sunday nibbling on spinach like a rabbit whilst gladly munching away on chips and guac. The following weekend at a family get-together, I continued munching away on more chips, this time with salsa (nothing says Chinese New Year better than chips and salsa, right?). Well, in the middle of my munching and crunching, my cousin Isaac actually informed me that chips are, indeed, fried. Sigh, ignorance is bliss – Fail #1. A few days later, my friend Ashley had her birthday gathering at The Counter Burger Park Place (you must try their bison burger with basil pesto dressing!). It was a given that our table would order french fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings. Now, I can’t say no to skinny fries with chipotle aioli dressing (I’m salivating just typing this). And that’s when I sinfully gave into Fry-less February. No shame, Fail #2. And finally, during our weekly tradition of Fun Lunch Friday, my coworker Jen and I wanted “something bad,” so we went to Grandma’s Chicken House and indulged in “broasted chicken.” No, broasted chicken is not a combination of broiled + roasted, nor is it roasted chicken made with your favorite bro. Broasted chicken is just pressure fried chicken… Deceiving, right? It looks like fried chicken and tastes like fried chicken, but better – there is more of a crunch and the outside tastes crispier and airier. Heavenly, really. But alas, Fail #3.

Believe it or not, I learned a few lessons from all of this. First, I realized that depriving yourself actually makes it more likely for you to give in. Makes sense, right? It’s hard(er) to resist temptation if there is temptation to begin with. So rather than focusing on what is off limits, there’s less room for temptation (and for failure) if we focus on the healthy foods we should be consuming instead. Second, I learned that food labeling can be deceptive! For example, in Googling whether chips are fried, I stumbled across this informative article. Apparently, baked chips are as bad (or worse!) than fried chips! Turns out there are more processed and perhaps even genetically modified ingredients in baked chips. And that whole broasted chicken ordeal? Talk about fooling the uninitiated masses! Food consumption is a much more conscious choice than we often realize, and even then, it is a confusing one if we aren’t proactive about educating ourselves and informing others.



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