2013 Oscar Fashion Favorites

Though I’m not an avid awards show enthusiast, I do religiously catch up on the Best Dressed lists the morning after. As you might have guessed, I have spent a good chunk of my morning gawking at all the designer gowns photographed during red carpet arrivals at the 85th Academy Awards last night. One of the blogs I perused mentioned that this year’s Oscar fashion was not particularly memorable, and I agree. While it is worth talking about as a recent event in popular culture and fashion circles, I don’t see it being buzz-worthy a few weeks, months, or even years from now. There was no “wow” dress (think Angelina Jolie’s meme-worthy, high-slit black dress at last year’s Oscars) or jaw-dropping moment (Kanye stealing the mic from Taylor Swift during her Grammy’s acceptance speech). But in a sea of pale metallics and buff nudes, two dresses stood out to me:

jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner in a regal purple, strapless Gucci number. The first thing that caught my eye was the lovely color. Mrs. Affleck was spot-on with her color choice; her shade of purple was elegant and age-appropriate. Sure, there were bright yellows, royal blues, and Barbie pinks, but this subtler hue was perfect for the event. I’m also a sucker for romantic sweetheart necklines, soft chiffon fabric, and feminine ruffles. Her up-do is dressed up, yet not over-the-top, and the strand of wavy hair softens her look. Oh, and her arm candy? It’s a little-known fact that I think Ben Affleck is the best looking male in entertainment. Little-known because when people find out, they think I’m all kinds of crazy. But in my defense (and in Jennifer Garner’s defense as well), he’s dapper in the grows-on-you kind of handsome, and his pet projects as Best Picture director and father of three certainly up his ante. Mr. and Mrs. Carter may be the music mogul power couple, but Mr. and Mrs. Affleck (and their growing brood) seem like such a family centric and relatable Hollywood it-couple, if it’s at all possible.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston in a red, strapless Valentino Haute Couture gown.While the majority of women on the red carpet opted for neutral hues, Aniston’s siren-red dress was a dramatic and a definitive statement. Red is usually a hit or miss, but her simple ball gown was a best-dressed hit. Her drop earrings are also to die for, and as always, her hair is impeccable. Somehow, she makes sleek, straight hair look chic and enviable. And while I’m usually on the Angelina camp when it comes to red carpet style, I have to hand it to Jennifer Aniston this time. She’s already gorgeous as is, but being engaged looks good on her and she radiates happiness. Like Audrey Hepburn said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.” Also, did you know that she chose this dress, not because of its style or color, but simply because it was easy to pee in? What a refreshing perspective and a reminder for all of us in a fashion-forward society to be mindful of comfort, because comfort can breed confidence.

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