Hibiscus-Ginger Refresher

photo 1-2

On one of my trips to New York, I saw a very tantalizing sign for Argo’s Hibiscus Ginger Ale and could not resist dropping in to try it. I actually found myself liking the prominent taste of ginger and found myself craving these refreshing mix of flavors when I returned back to SoCal. So here’s my spin on it, and in my attempt to recreate it I found myself pleasantly surprised with the bubbly carbonation (a nice twist to the original) and I love how it’s so easily thrown together. I prefer my drinks unsweetened but feel free to add your own favorite sweetener to it (my friend said Agave was her to-go-choice). However, I must say my taste testers actually enjoyed my unsweetened version and with a spritz of lime I’m filing this for a must-do when the weather gets warmer.

Ingredients Needed

Tazo Passion Iced Tea Bag
Ginger Beer (I got mine from Sprouts)
A Squeeze of Lime


  1. Brew the tea according to instructions 
  2. Chill the tea overnight
  3. When about to serve, pour in the ginger beer (1/3 of the glass or more if you like it to be more gingery)
  4. Squeeze a bit of lime and add a slice for presentation
  5. Enjoy over ice!

photo 5 photo 2-1

XX. Tiffany


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