March Makeover Madness

After one too many Cabernet Sauvignon’s during wine and cheese night, two ambitious little teaspoons decided to embark on a (drum roll please) March Makeover Madness! As our loyal readers are acutely aware, one teaspoon has recently gone down a dangerous, downhill doughnut spiral, and it dawned on the other teaspoon that it had been nine months since her last workout.

Let us back track a bit…

Tiffany’s goal since the beginning of college has been to obtain the elusive Victoria’s Secret abs for that perfect beach body, not to mention to master their signature voluminous-perfectly-touseled-waves. So for Tiffany, as she is finally graduating this year, what better way to end college than by finally hitting this longtime goal! Phoebe’s on-and-off goal has been to develop a fit and healthy lifestyle that is realistic and maintainable. Phoebe has a tendency of being really extreme at the get-go, but tapering off quickly as the novelty wears off and reality sets in, so hopefully, March Makeover Madness is a cure-all for her Achilles’ heel. For both of us, this challenge really comes down to individual consistency (which Phoebe lacks) and shared accountability (which Tiffany needs). Two are better than one, right?

Let us dissect the idea behind our March Madness Makeover:
1) March Madness: To not just make it to the end, but to more importantly make it out on top, we’ll take a few pointers from college basketball. The month-long NCAA tournament takes much training, hard work and dedication, as well as steady pacing and stamina. And if y’all want to really up the ante and make fantasy bets about how long we’ll last, go right ahead and be our guest. But please, be good Pygmalion’s and have a little faith in us!
2) Makeover: We will follow the strict exercise regimen implemented by YouTube Fitness Guru Cassey Ho of Blogilates. She films short but wildly intense workout clips with funky names like Pippa’s Butt Workout, Gangnam Style Cardio and Beyoncé’s Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Workout. She is also the creator of this crazy calendar and the inspiration behind this madness. We hope that by the end of this madness, we’ll achieve a healthy, long-lasting makeover from the inside out.


What do you think? We can’t wait to share with you all the hilarious, yet hopeful, moments that we’ve had already in just the first couple days. We encourage you to embark on this journey with us and even bring a friend along for the ride – after all two is better than one!

Tiffany & Phoebe


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