A Cancer Risk You Touch Everyday

Little do we know, but many of us are constantly exposing ourselves and increasing our risk for cancer every day.  Bisphenol-A (BPA) has been banned by the government in many household objects, such as baby bottles, because of the possible health consequences that could result from coming in contact with this chemical. Many of us now try to buy BPA-free plastic and try to be more conscious in heating up anything remotely related to plastic because although we don’t know what causes cancer, prevention is always a good counter measure.

However, did you know that your receipts also holds measurable levels of BPA on them? BPA helps develop the images on your receipts but upon touch, it also becomes quickly absorbed into your blood stream in a matter of minutes! BPA is absorbed and transferred to our digestive tract just by touching our mouths. We handle thermal paper on a day-to-day basis and once I think about how many times I’ve touched a receipt and then put on chapstick, rubbed my eyes, or one of the most common is eating food immediately after grabbing a receipt; it just becomes all so frightening, and the worst is that it was done so unknowingly!

Well knowledge is power and with a few changes in your shopping routine, we can all greatly minimize our risk. The best prevention for this is to either ask the cashier to put the receipt in the bag for you or leave the receipt if you don’t need it (i.e. small purchases or food items that you know you won’t be returning). You can also ask your receipts to be emailed to you! I know Nordstrom is one of the many retailers that have gone towards this e-movement and now it gives me an even better excuse to shop there! I immediately thought of my wallet, crammed with receipts that I touch every day so I am purchasing a small coin purse/wallet that I will be dedicating purely to receipts and am resolving to wipe down my credit cards, IDs on a weekly basis and making use of my travel sized hand sanitizer (Bath & Body is by far the best in making hand sanitizer that smells amazing). So let’s utilize this newfound knowledge to our advantage because it’s true that health is by far our best asset and something we tend to take for granted – till it’s gone.

XX. Tiffany


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