Top 5 Apps to Download

There are literally thousands of apps for you to choose from but the five apps below are hands-down my favorites and have literally been the best investment. Mainly for my wallet, but hey happy wallet happy life! You can decide after this post to see if I’ve won you over, but really what’s the harm in trying; after all, they’re all free! Thank you technology!

1. Spending Tracker

I’ve used many many budgeting apps and this quickly became my #1 choice. Not only is it user-friendly but it’s simple and fast (both good qualities that you need when punching in your $2.75 coffee at the coffee register). The categories are provided for you and you can input both expense/income on one-time or recurring instances. I’ve recommended this to many of my friends and they’ve all held high praise for this app , might I mention they were shocked of how much money they spent on a day-to-day basis.

*Be sure to double-check the image to the link because there are many expense/budgeting/spending apps available (all with similar names)

2. Genius Scan

This is a great app to use whether you’re a student, working professional, or parent. Just take a picture of your document you wish to have scanned, and in seconds this app will have it in either PDF/JPG format. The quality is amazing and this app has saved the day on countless occasions and it’s really scanning made easy. Forget the easy button, just download Genius Scan.

3. Pocket (Formerly known as Read It Later)

For those of you who have your i-technologies but still not budging on purchasing wi-fi, the Pocket app is a great choice for you to download. You can save all those articles you want to read and Pocket allows you to access them without using the internet. I’ve used this app while I’m traveling, in the air, and just during my down-time at work. It’s simple and allows you to still maximize the use of your phone/electronic reader without the need for internet.

4. Venmo

Hate splitting the check? Or do you hate even more that your friends tend to forget to pay you back? Or they pay you back and they shave off a couple of dollars from the amount because they are the ones that always round down? This app will take care of all of those pesky problems! This app is also great for those of you with small circles of friends, like me, who see each other on a constant basis and never seem to have cash. Think of this app as Paypal (but better!), this app links to your bank account and you can quickly pay back your friends in seconds. So next time on those coffee runs, your friend can quickly pay you her $3.50 without having to run to the ATM or promising to get it “next time” (whenever that may be!).  I mean what’s a few dollars between friends, but after a while those dollars really add up! And even though it’s unintentional on both sides, I’m sure neither of you have the funds to fully support the other’s coffee intake ; )

5. GasBuddy

Gas prices are constantly fluctuating and it’s hard to keep track of which gas station has the cheapest gas, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar city. Gasbuddy does the filtering for you so you can quickly pick the stations closest to you, cheapest, or by your preferred gas station. This economy has taken a toll on everyone, I rather save my dollars and spend it on a well-deserved doughnut (hah I kid!). 

XX. Tiffany


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