Happy π day!

Today’s March 14th so  in honor of one of my favorite unofficial holidays of the year (Pie aka Pi π Day), basically because it allows me to eat a slice of pie in its remembrance, I would love to share with all of you one of my all time favorite pies: Banana Cream Pie. But here’s the twist, my favorite Banana Cream Pie actually comes in the form of a cake! It  still holds true to the original rich flavor profile of vanilla pudding goodness and delectable banana slices; all of which makes this dessert what it is – truly delicious.

Lemonade LA is a famous hotspot, with several convenient locations throughout Los Angeles, that’s known for their flavorful lemonades and their cafeteria designed menu. Their offerings are fresh, seasonal, and most importantly pleasing to the taste. I highly recommend trying their lunch/dinner menus but today’s not about lunch, it’s all about desserts! I’ve tried many of their desserts in the past, the Coconut Cake is another favorite of mine, but what needs to be truly raved about is their Banana Pie Cake. Perfect layers of moist cake and bananas amidst rich vanilla frosting make this unlike any other Banana Pie I’ve eaten. The best part about it is that it’s not overly sweet.  I’ve never had one quite like it and I’m known to crave it all year round. Perfect with a cup of coffee in the cooler months and the lemonade complements it wonderfully in the summer (or any day at all really).


My Favorites: Cucumber Mint Lemonade + Lobster Soba Noodles + Banana Pie Cake

Happy Pi (π) day everyone!



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