What’s In Season: March Produce

Midway into March and not only is the weather warming up but some of my favorite fruits/veggies are now in their peak season. As you know, I’ve really been trying to incorporate more whole foods into my diet; so eating more of foods in their raw state and minimally, if at all, processed. Now, I’m not a natural veggie lover. Fruits on the other hand, I could eat all day. But veggies, I prefer them raw vs. cooked and I usually stick to salads and to the leafy greens I love the most. But I’ve found that when I choose vegetables that are in their peak season, and season them with just simple salt/pepper/lemon (I like to call it the Trio of Goodness) they’re actually quite good!

It actually started when I was eating at Lemonade LA, one of my favorite LA lunch spots, and I tried their sesame carrots. I don’t know what came over me, I haven’t eaten carrots since perhaps high school, and they’re definitely not on my list of favorites. But the sour/sweet vinaigrette and seaweed/sesame flavorings were so very delicious. I spent the entire afternoon googling similar recipes. So I’m particularly excited to try the Carrot Ponzu Recipe below! Under my favorites of the season, I’ve included some recipes that I’ve bookmarked to try myself. The recipes that are followed by asterisks* are the ones tried and true by our lovely teaspoons themselves. If any of the recipes below are tempting enough for you to try at home,let us know how it turned out! Or better yet, if you have a lovely recipe to share, please do! We would love to try it out at our 3 Teaspoons A Day Taste Kitchen!


1. Asparagus

Recipes: Lemony Asparagus with Pine Nuts + Parmesan, Asparagus + Soft Eggs on Toast, Garlic Asparagus with Lime  


2. Avocados

Recipes: Green Eggs (No Ham)*,  Avocado Egg Salad, Linguine with Avocado + Arugula Pesto


3. Carrots

Recipes: Roasted Carrots with Sesame Ponzu Vinaigrette, Healthy Carrot Cake, Waste Not Cinnamon Carrot Muffins* 


4. Cauliflower

Recipes: Macaroni + Cheese with Cauliflower, Roasted Garlic Cauliflower, Cauliflower Couscous  


5. Dates

Recipes:  Safe Word Rawsome Brownies*, Bacon Wrapped Dates, Gramma’s Date Squares

XX. Tiffany


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