Royally Obsessed

I have a serious case of anglophilia – with a special fondness for the Duchess of Cambridge.

An·glo·phile (ˈæŋɡləʊfɪl, -ˌfaɪl):
1. [Noun] A person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain;
2. [Adjective] Fond or admiring of England or Britain.

When the royal engagement and much-anticipated wedding skyrocketed Kate Middleton from oblivion to the spotlight, I too was enamored and influenced by the Kate Effect. Granted, she has a clear sartorial edge with royal resources inaccessible to the rest of the population. But she dresses like a lady, is always impeccably put together, and manages to look effortlessly attractive all of the time. At the crux of it, what I like about her actually goes beyond her fashion and style – it’s the modest and unassuming confidence she possesses, as well as the air of poise and sophistication she displays with the world’s eyes on her. And it’s reassuring that a woman with otherwise fairly standard features can be esteemed as gorgeous both inside and out, just in the manner with which she carries herself.

This Saturday, I wore a Kate-inspired outfit – three-quarter sleeves, structured fabric, simple pumps, royal blue and all. And now I understand why Kate Middleton opts for blue a whopping 21% of the time – because it’s a universally flattering color.


Dress: Banana Republic | Nail Polish: Revlon Valentine | Purse: Koret

I added my own touch of So Cal flavor with a pair of over-sized Tory Burch sunglasses in navy blue. Polarized sunglasses are a must-have for eye protection, especially with the hour of added sunlight after Daylight Saving.


Sunglasses: Tory Burch

I love the cross-stitched buttons and minimal gold accents on the dress – such an understated statement. Paired with vintage, yellow gold, opera necklace made this conservative look just a little bit more bold.


Necklace: Vintage

And lastly, classic gold pumps add a touch of color and really pulls this outfit together. I think it’s important for women to look put together without trying, which can be achieved by being mindful of each piece, considering how it flows with the day’s outfit and how it fits into your entire wardrobe.


Shoes: Nine West

What do you think of this outfit? And who do you look to for your fashion inspiration?



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