Getaway: Coronado, California

San Diego County is my no-fail, go-to destination of choice to escape the stuffiness of Orange County and forget the hustle-bustle of Los Angeles. Sans traffic, this getaway place to clear my mind and reorient myself is just a hop, a skip, and a jump away. Within San Diego, Coronado Island holds a special place in this little heart of mine. Always has, always will. As a little girl, my family would make weekend staycation trips to this affluent yet unpretentious resort city across from Downtown San Diego. We’d spend hours and hours playing in the sand and somehow, that would be enough. As I’ve gotten older, it’s really the only peninsula I know of (and might I add the most gorgeous) to take everyone from out-of-town visitors to significant others. It’s always a bit of a drive, but it is, without exception, worth it.

If I had to describe Coronado in one word, I’d use: charming. My favorite landmark on the peninsula is Hotel Del Coronado. I haven’t yet the luxury to actually stay here, but just to spend the afternoon basking in the warm sun on the soft sand is just heavenly. This resort is absolutely breathtaking, yet haunting at the same time, and I think that’s what makes it so beautiful. Come fall, when I begin my studies in San Diego I’ll be sure to make more intentional detours to this lovely beach city, and especially to this crowned resort.



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