Suit And Tie

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Club Monaco Pricilla Tuxedo Blazer | Madewell Snow Dot Blouse | Citizens of Humanity Black Jeggings

It wasn’t until this year that I truly began to understand the meaning behind finding those great “investment pieces” to add to your wardrobe. Investment pieces don’t have to follow their stigma of breaking the bank, for me it just means a good quality staple that can easily transition throughout all your many given roles in life. I particularly love this Suit + Tie look, cue in Justin Timberlake, because of its slight masculine touch that makes this simple outfit so classic. By the term classic, I mean this look would be appropriate for a multitude of occasions. I truly appreciate the easiness of this outfit! Easily a stunner for any need-to-impress work occasion, easily worn for those many church events, or even easily thrown together for a night of cocktails!

What makes this outfit is all in the details. A dotted blouse switches up the classic white button up; and take this amazing tuxedo jacket for example, its velvet detailing makes it luxe yet non-traditional. Throw it over your favorite pair of jeggings or dress and it easily becomes a dress-to-impress contender. Note: Jeggings should most importantly look like jeans, not leggings! Citizens of Humanity has easily become a favorite go-to of mine. I love how even though I’ve washed it so many times it still looks brand new and remains my top investment piece to date. However, I must say that my favorite detail would have to go to these amazing pumps! An ankle strapped pump with a duo of velvet and leather crocodile straps provides not only a gorgeous textural contrast but also a visual treat that makes any shoe aficionado’s heart skip-a-beat.

Most of the pieces may come with a seemingly high price tag, but online shopping has made finding great pieces so affordable. Ebates is one of my favorite online resources and when is it not great to get some extra cash back? Take advantage of your credit cards that allow you to utilize online retailers, my Discover card saves me 5% on Sephora purchases, and always google those promotional codes because the savings really add up! Ebay and Poshmark have both been favorites of mine to find specific items that I’ve been eyeing. It’s amazing what discounts lightly used and new without tags can give you. Just be sure to do your research beforehand so you know what you’re getting and always ask the seller to guarantee authenticity and keep a copy of the agreement on-hand (i.e. an email/text/some substantial proof) for your own protection. It never hurts to ask questions to clarify the condition of the item or if the seller can go lower on the price point!
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L.A.M.B. Oxley Black Velvet Trimmed Pumps

XX. Tiffany


3 thoughts on “Suit And Tie

  1. erica miller says:

    I am selling my lamb oxley heels in wine color in size 6 if anyone is interested just email me.

    brand new, just too small for me. if your foot measures approx. 8.5 inches they will fit you perfect!

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