Lift Yourself Higher

My 24th birthday was a mere 24 hours ago and I’m still relishing in every moment of it. By far, it was the most painless (in terms of dealing with the prospect of being another year older) and tops the charts of being one of the most happiest birthdays of the lot. The reason being is that I have finally learned, in the past twenty three years, to truly surround myself with people that bring you up and not down. Finding individuals that bring positive energy to my table, those that can fill my house with love and not hatred,  and I’ve begun to build my own makeshift “family” with these individuals.

In reading the many lists of what to do when you’re in your twenties, common themes are upheld and that’s by no accident. Many of these lists tell you to stop getting by with just “good enough” and many mention this in relation to their career but this holds true to every role of our lives. You really reap what you sow and in putting that extra effort in my friendships and family, I’ve really been blessed to the truest sense of the word. I do not have just “good enough” friends; I have extraordinary ones. I do not have just “good enough” relationships with my parents; I have ones built on friendship and respect. I do not have just a “good enough” relationship with my sister; I have nurtured my own kindred spirit. Don’t sell yourself short, don’t keep friends that are just “good enough” because you are worth every bit of happiness and you deserve better.

Oprah Winfrey is a wise woman. An even wiser one at that when she spoke this bit of advice, “Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.” My sister, another wise soul, told me today that people are what really makes our lives. It’s not our own agenda or our own motivation that will provide us satisfaction. It’s our support system, our soul sisters, and our own makeshift families that we’ve built for ourselves. It’s who we surround ourselves that we end up becoming so let’s focus on bringing in the positive and letting go of the negative.

XX. Tiffany


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