Special Thanks

Dear Readers,

It’s been several months since we’ve launched Three Teaspoons A Day and we have just been floored with the amount of positive feedback that has been pouring in. This project has really been something close to our hearts. So to all of our readers, in all sincerity: thank you. Two small words but they are filled with the utmost appreciation. You have no idea how giddy we get with each comment, like, and view. We literally have danced shamelessly around our impromptu designated conference room, AKA our kitchen table. This is our brainchild and our passion, and we have such great things in store for y’all.

So please, keep us dancing in our happy socks and follow us to get your daily serving of Three Teaspoons A Day. We want to hear from you! Please fill out our survey and let us know what you want to read about.

3 teaspoonsv2-page-001

Special thanks to our wonderful graphic designer, Paulina, who did such an amazing job in creating our vision. Are you able to tell which spoon is whom? Contact her for graphic design/photography services at EyeTsePhotography@gmail.com. Mention Three Teaspoons A Day and receive 15% off your entire order (first time clients only).

All of our best,
Jessica, Phoebe & Tiffany


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