April Flowers

20130406-230404.jpgI don’t know about you, but I have quite the bad habit of sticking to the familiar and not leaving my comfort zone. Same goes for my sense of style; if I find a trend that works or a look I like, I will hone in on it unabashedly. But what I have realized is this: it is better to find a range on the fashion spectrum that feels comfortable and looks amazing, rather than constrict myself to a single look. While I usually opt for solids and dresses, it was (and is) refreshing to venture outside of my comfort zone to prints and two-pieces. 20130406-215528.jpgAnd venture I did, with an airy, long-sleeved blouse with abstract floral print in pastel pink and earth tone neutrals. Does it not scream springtime in the subtlest way? Venture down a bit and you will see a khaki, straight skirt keeps the look cohesively neutral and light. Plus, it also helps in staying cool throughout the day.20130406-215553.jpgMy favorite pieces of this outfit are in the details: the studded teardrop ring and gold pendant necklace. Both pieces of jewelry, along with my entire outfit, are vintage. There’s something undeniably unconventional about vintage items, because the chances of someone donning the same items are that much rarer. Immediately, style becomes much more personalized. And isn’t that what it’s all about?20130406-215537.jpgI should also add that there are more floral prints, light skirts, and slingback wedges trapped in my closet begging to come out than there is gorgeous springtime weather. Luckily, today was the perfect day for all three! So I couldn’t help but pull out all three to complete my Saturday best. 20130406-231412.jpgSee? Back away from that little black dress or siren red mini. Sometimes, a sober, understated outfit of neutrals is enough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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