LSD: My Little Statement Dress

One Club Monaco Lanna Dress, six different outfits (and possibly more!) that’s suitable for a multitude of occasions. To me, a really good staple means a piece that can be transformative. I immediately saw this dress’ potential when I saw Club Monaco’s new spring collection come a month ago and I knew Lanna and I were going to be great friends. The price point, being a little over $100, falls into the category of investment pieces but the dress’ material made me willing to splurge. The dress when worn becomes almost a second-skin and the multi-watercolored pattern makes it a definite contender for the perfect LSD – Little Statement Dress.


A snippet of this gorgeous dress while on a Pieology (a must-go!) pizza date with my younger sister.

I count LSD’s as wow-dresses that are day-to-night appropriate. Effortlessly gorgeous dresses that make the LSD wearer look pulled together and envy-worthy. I love how chunky sweaters make this dress into a skirt, a white blouse makes this chic work attire, and thrown with a tank and some ankle boots makes this flea market appropriate. Investment pieces are best bought when you can list off as many places you can think of and if the dress can attend to 90% of the above places – I say buy! I thought of date-nights, girl-night-outs, brunches, church, work functions, 8 to 5 days, and casual Sundays spent at the mall. This dress made the cut.

XX. Tiffany


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