Mum’s the Word

Recently, I have developed quite the penchant for chrysanthemum tea. Since the tea is derived from dried flower buds, it is herbal in nature and hence caffeine-free. A cup of calming chrysanthemum is my tea of choice to unwind after a long day for much-needed mental clarity. In addition, I also use it to detox after a particularly oily and filling meal, which has happened increasingly often as of late. I should also mention that the light floral notes act double-duty as aromatherapy, pleasing to the senses.

To preserve and maximize herbal benefits, chrysanthemum tea should be brewed with very hot but not boiling water. Steep for five minutes. Two to three teaspoons of dried flowers can provide an optimal cup of chrysanthemum tea. For extra flavor, add a drizzle of honey, a few pieces of rock sugar, a slice of lemon, or halves of kumquats. Bottoms up!

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