1¢ Wine + Sangria 2-Go

From April 19th (starts tomorrow) to April 21st, Fresh & Easy is offering an amazing deal for all of their customers. Buy a bottle of wine and get the second for just a 1¢ ! Fresh & Easy has been my go-to to pick up inexpensive bottles of wine whenever I host get-togethers or just wine-for-one (pass the red please!). I love stocking up whenever I spot great deals of wine because I find that they make perfect additions to any sangria recipe you have. Here’s a great go-to Sangria recipe that I came up with whenever I needed to whip up something quick before guests arrive – and you only need two ingredients! It tastes pretty delicious and I’ve done the traditional Sangria route of soaking the fruit in red wine, mixing in the orange juice, etc… and to be honest both recipes taste remarkably similar. But now, you can actually enjoy a glass all to yourself (before your guests arrive) with all that time you saved!

Sangria 2-Go

  1. Fresh & Easy Italian Soda (Blood Orange/Pomegranate) chilled
  2. Bottle of Red Wine
  3. Mix, pour, and serve!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 12.53.52 AM

XX. Tiffany


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