They Call Me Mellow Yellow

In interior design, the color yellow empowers a room, bringing good cheer with its a bright personality. When I envision the color yellow, I dream of sunny days, warm sunshine, and rays of light. And when I wear the color yellow, I suddenly feel happier, more radiant, cheery, and bright! Who knew that a single color could lend me a sunny disposition for when I’m feeling cloudy and dull?

20130417-204246.jpgI spotted this yellow sundress from across the store at the Forever 21 flagship in Downtown Santa Monica. Like a lighthouse calling in lost ships, it spoke out to me in the way clothes do when they just belong in your closet. What can I say? She called, I answered.

20130417-204400.jpgThe selling point for me was the fact that she had pockets – pockets! Dresses with pockets appeal to a certain kind of gal; she may feel shy and unsure of herself at times, but those two small pockets give her a little bit of security in this big and daunting world. As you can tell, my friend Jessica and I share an affinity for pockets.

At last, a simple dress, but it’s got all the details in check. Because this dress doesn’t stop at the color yellow. With a defined collar, bold buttons, and a waist-clinching belt, she’s got it all. For the girl who wants to have it all, it makes perfect sense that this is the perfect dress.

Nothing completes the ensemble more than a solid pair of gams and gold wedges. This mellow yellow outfit is invitingly comfortable and effortlessly chic in the way that all outfits should be for cheery spring and summer days. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, look no further than the color yellow!



2 thoughts on “They Call Me Mellow Yellow

  1. Sarmistha Goswami says:

    Your dress is as beautiful as your article. I didn’t know it is possible to write so much on a little yellow colored dress! I love pockets too and never thought about pockets from the security angle. Yes, pockets do provide a sense of security and comfort!! 🙂 Over all a very thought provoking article that has come out of a yellow dress!! Thanks for sharing.
    Do visit my blog as well :

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