Rising to the Occasion

By the time we’ve reached our mid-to-late twenties, thirties, forties, and so on, we tend to already have a firm grasp on several key elements that make up who we are and who we hope to become. These key elements are what become our ‘bottom-lines.’ By now we have somewhat escaped insignificant details, we have made mental blocks to stop looking at what others have, and we are focused on what we want. We understand that we are not like everyone else – and that is okay because that is what makes us, us.

We are aware of the things that will make us happy – I rather live simply than keep up with the Joneses. We know our thoughts of the future – I want to always be surrounded by my loved ones. We can distinguish the difference of knowing not of what we want, but of what we need from our significant others – I need someone to laugh at life just as much as I do. We know what we believe – I believe in the goodness of God. And, we know who we hope to be – I hope to age graciously and live mindfully. 

Yet, we will reach a moment in our lives, where all these things that we’ve taken so long to establish come into question and all of these wonderful things are dangerously close to collapsing. Betrayal, anger, jealously, and hurt are all powerful sentiments that if not appropriately dealt with, can become our own poison. Seeping into everything we’ve believed, becoming damaging to our souls, and causing us to become stagnate. If we’re not sensitive, we can unknowingly allow these things to enter into our lives. It’s important that in the moment we identify it, that we seize it and quickly repel ourselves from it. Do not allow yourself to dwell in these matters; do not give it time to root itself into your foundation. We are defined by how we react to these events, these events that question everything we’ve allowed ourselves to believe, these events that threaten to make a fool out of ourselves, these events that make you doubt in yourself. Do not let the events in our lives, or the people that live in them, define us. Allow yourself to be the benchmark.


XX. Tiffany


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