Things That Can’t Be Rushed

Happy Monday! Today, we’re sharing a curated dose of Freshly Pressed wisdom and a lesson on patience and perseverance. A particular Chinese idiom that resonates the same concept is, “好事多磨 (hǎo shì duō mó).” In English, it roughly translates to: “the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks,” or more simply, “nothing worth having comes easy.” On the brink of something good, we are oftentimes faced with twists and turns that attempt to divert us from our path. Whatever destination you intend on reaching (whether it be with fitness, with family, with yourself, in love, at work, at home, or at school), remember that “some things take time, and move in a crooked line, and require great patience to see results.” Good things take time, in life as in agriculture, so be patient.



Shawndra Miller

Those of us who are bathed in technology much of our lives, that is to say most of the Western world by now, have grown accustomed to having everything happen in a hurry. Speed is the ultimate. Efficiency is king.

I am prone to this, feeling impatient with the rate of change.

Even in gardening, I value a relatively quick turnaround: Plant a bunch of lettuce seedlings, and a month later I can be snipping salad from my own raised bed.

But some things take time, and move in a crooked line, and require great patience to see results.

I’m reminded of this when I visit a farmer friend who lives in my neighborhood. Her family farm is called Artesian Farm. It’s in the next county over, where Anna and her farm partners raise grassfed beef.

When she talks about farming, she thinks in terms of decades. For example, the…

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