Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant, Period

This blog is as real as it gets. Everything we blog about, truly comes from our firsthand experiences. Now don’t say I never did anything for you readers. Because my dear friends, it is with my sweat (literally) and tears to have finally found an aluminum-free deodorant that actually works. Cue the angels singing. If you’re like me, trying to find a lone survivor in this natural deodorant game, I’m sure you’ve tested countless of organic deodorants and have been just as frustrated as I am in trying to find a viable equivalent to our old tried and true deodorants of the past.

The difficulty is that our old trusty deodorants have set the bar high; and often when it comes to these natural deodorants, it’s impossible to find one that have an anti-perspirant quality to it. Like one salesperson had said so frankly to me, “I rather have some natural good ol’ sweat than have aluminum getting absorbed in my lymph nodes and dying of cancer.” But is it too much to ask to find some middle ground? I mean it’s just as hard going through life worrying about pit stains, not to mention embarrassing, and aren’t we all trying to find just some reliability when it comes to the search of deodorants? So after the months of testing, here are some of my conclusions that led me to discover some facts, some that were not-as-fun as others:

  • Some natural deodorants truly change your body odor so it’s more pungent (shudder)
  • Some deodorant sprays can burn due to the alcohol content 
  • Crystal rock has the best ratings but it can be a nuisance to put on (especially during rushed mornings)
  • A lot of roll-on natural deodorants are sticky and can leave residue on your clothing

So after the months of tried attempts, I ended up finding the best solution was in combining two of my favorites to make a deodorant that could stand up to odor and sweat, only this time – without the chemicals. Kiss My Face makes the crystal rock in a liquid form, I chose to go with the fragrance-free one as fragrances can also mess with your body’s hormones, and then to combat the not-so-fast-drying action, I paired it with Lush’s T’eo deodorant product. I just lightly dabbed Lush’s deodorant and was loving the light citrus scent that didn’t scream “I’m an organic deodorant!” Broke off a piece and kept it in my purse for touch-ups, if needed, throughout the day but I found it to be pleasantly long-lasting. Readers, what are your favorite organic deodorants? Please share, as I’m sure there are many I have not tried yet!

XX. Tiffany


9 thoughts on “Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant, Period

  1. Michelle says:

    I think body odor is caused by a variety of reasons, hygiene and diet being two of them. But everyone is different – some people can shower once every 2 days and smell the same as others who shower 3 times a day. What I would say is consistent amongst many people that I have met is that the ones using Lavilin deodorant all find that it works very, very well. They advertise that Lavilin works for a week per application – that is true in some instances, while in others, daily application is required.

    Anyway – I would suggest buying some Lavilin and seeing what that does for you. Keep in mind there may be an adjustment period of a month or so until it starts working. Find it here:

    • Rita says:

      I’m with Michelle on this! Lavilin is really great at eliminating bad odors. They have a foot dedoorant as well, which I love since I am a runner. Keeps my feet odorless for an entire week!

      • Billie says:

        I’m so glad other people are using Lavilin too! The hardest part for me was getting used to the cream but then it became a daily thing, even though I only have to use it every week! No more odors and now I don’t worry about all those chemicals!

  2. Judy says:

    I’ve been on a mission to find the most effective non-aluminum deodorant and found a brand called Jungleman All-Natural Deodorant. I decided to try it out and it has been a lifesaver for me. Its odorless (I can’t stand obnoxious fragrances) and goes on smooth and not sticky, and keeps my stink at bay all day. Check them out

  3. Aluminum Free Deodorant says:

    As michael mentioned, some people can shower once every 2 days and smell the same as others who shower 3 times a day. I agree with him, what i will say is that it is better to use deodorant if you know you get wet easily. thank you for sharing.

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