A Peek Inside: The Women of USA Suits

I’m not one to follow sitcoms; the drama, the suspense, the killing of every single one of my favorite characters (as my luck would have it), and the list goes on and on. I’m much more of a Food Network type of girl; but with Suits, USA’s popular TV series, I find myself unwillingly drawn in each time I happen to catch it. The premise goes along the same reasons of why I can watch Sex and The City movies over and over again (record-to-date: 73): the fashion.

Smartly tailored suit separates, crisp button-ups, cozy knits and not to mention their seemingly unreal bouncy hair all turn Pearson/Hardman into a catwalk. Seriously, how is it that Donna and Rachel’s hair looks impeccable all the friggin time. Proving that office attire does not equate to boring but rather have the potential to become understatedly sultry.

Ten lessons to learn from these ladies:

  1. Never underestimate the power of a good tailor
  2. Nothing is more powerful or more sexy than a pair of toned arms
  3. Every woman needs a white button-up that acts almost like her second skin
  4. Appropriately timed wit and sass can be just as powerful as a well-chosen bejeweled statement necklace
  5. For some reason, volume paired with some bouncy large curls looks good on just about everyone
  6. Pencil skirts, no matter what color/texture/pattern, are the perfect day-to-night transition piece
  7. Class and confidence cannot be bought and might I add – are what makes or breaks the outfit
  8. Sheath dresses, blazers, and chiffon button-ups are must-buy staples
  9. Invest in separates that compliment  the rest of your wardrobe
  10. Make-up should always enhance, not cover up, and bronzer + blush should become the greatest of friends

0614-suits-meghan-markle_ob c92ef10efe525082d37f02dd8866c1c5

Suits - Season 2


XX. Tiffany


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