Husband Material

On any given ranking of the best dressed or sexiest, Jennifer Garner, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Alba easily top said list. Whether in Emmy nods, fashion empires, or business models, respectively, these high-profile Hollywood women possess beauty and brains, as well as growing broods and handsome beaus. But I must come clean and admit that what captures my attention is the Instagram accounts of these men who were once notorious players. Their body language, word choice, and camera perspective speak volumes about their priorities. Every time I look at these men, I recall and identify with what Katherine Heigl’s character says in 27 Dresses: “You know how the bride makes her entrance and everybody turns to look at her? That’s when I look at the groom, because his face says it all – the pure love there.”

Ben Affleck, Joel Madden, and Cash Warren were not always considered husband material, but now it’s difficult to imagine them as anything other than family men. The adoring way they look at their wives, the precious pictures they post of their children, and the grounded thank you’s they utter on stage all reaffirm their statuses as changed men. As I dig deeper into their family lives through the wonders of social media, the cold skeptic in me immediately melts to hopeless romantic. “What prompted this change, and when?” I wonder. Deep down, I know I can’t ever expect to change a man, but I simply hope and pray that one day, a man will become a changed man for me. For now, I will continue marveling the family lives of Jennifer, Nicole, and Jessica through the lens of their husbands.


Source: Instagram via @cash_warren


Source: Instagram via @joelmadden



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