Black Bean Brownies

I’ve always been one to prefer salty to sweet, but on occasion I get these insatiable sweet tooth cravings that can lead to midnight drives to my nearest 24-hour Krispy Kreme  location or some Ralphs run for gallons of ice cream. As I’ve gotten older, the realization that I can’t just eat whatever I want has single-handedly been the reason of what makes me feel well, simply put, old. I can no longer sleep off heavy meals without regretting it and my metabolism significantly slowed down at the age of 21 (I blame my family genetics). But finding healthier alternatives has been my saving grace and the trade-offs have been a positive one.

One of my favorite healthy desserts whenever I get a chocolate craving is my trusted recipe for black bean brownies. I’ve never really liked milk chocolate, dark chocolate with higher cacao content are winners in my book, so I am especially fond of this recipe because it actually makes the brownies richer and less sweet. So enjoy these low-fat treats that are also high in protein and I promise you can’t even taste the beans in them.

Black Bean Brownies 

  • 15 oz can of black beans
  • Box of chocolate brownie mix (you can even use vegan*/low-fat versions)

*Vegan brownie mixes made the brownie texture become more cake-like which I’ve found to be a perfect easy cake recipe to whip up

  1. Open the can of brownies and rinse/drain them to get rid of any excess sodium
  2. Put the beans back into the can and fill water to the brim
  3. Puree the beans and water until smooth (I sometimes like to leave the beans a bit chunky but that’s my personal preference)
  4. Mix the pureed bean/water mixture with the box of brownie mix. You will not need to add any eggs/oil/water because the beans act as a perfect healthy substitute!
  5. Spray brownie pan with Pam or I like to use non-stick brownie pans (no oil!)
  6. Bake according to brownie package instructions and enjoy!

XX. Tiffany


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