Book of the Month

Usually, I prefer books that are lighthearted and comedic in nature and the book that I have chosen for this month is one that has comedy but also conveys a heartfelt message:

Rules by Cynthia Lord

It is a story about a twelve year-old girl named Catherine and the relationship that she has with David, her brother, who is autistic. Being the twelve years-old that she is, Catherine just wants to live a “normal” life and to have a normal family, which she feels is difficult when you have an autistic brother. As a result, she tries to teach David how to be “normal” by giving him rules to follow, such as no toys in the fish tank or chew with your mouth closed. Through the course of the novel, she struggles with trying to fit in and finding out what it means to be normal.

Overall, I enjoyed the journey that Catherine takes in this novel. She grows and comes to accept not only her family but herself as well. This is a book I would recommend not only for young readers but also for adults. The feeling of being different is something that we can all relate to and even now there are times where we might lose ourselves in trying to fit the status quo. I hope this book can come to inspire you to not only take a stand to be different but also to not look down on other people who are!



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