Oasis in the Desert

Thousands of miles away from the concrete jungle is the real city that never sleeps. Las Vegas, Nevada is a city with total abandon where one loses track of the time and day. One never needs more than 48 hours in this city; in fact, it’s doable in 36, 24, and (if you’re daring enough) even 12 hours. Here, it’s “live fast, die young” and “go big or go home.” Nowhere else is quite as alive and fleeting, as developed and developing, as sensuous and lecherous, as extravagant and prodigal, as exhilarating and empty, as bona fide and illusory. For a weekend, a day, a few hours, or even a moment in the scorching desert heat, Sin City is both an oasis and a mirage.

20130605-230357.jpgJapanese cherry blossoms in chocolate art form.

20130605-230401.jpgLetting a coin toss dictate the day’s plans.

20130605-230414.jpgDinner and a lake show at Lake Side.

20130605-230425.jpgVdara and its sister Cosmopolitan.

20130605-230429.jpgSteve Angello of Swedish House Mafia playing DJ.

20130605-230433.jpgLiving in excess and partying in XS.

20130605-230437.jpgMomentary mirage, oasis in the desert.



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