Exercising in Your Hotel Room


Week 1 of my vacation is winding to an end and I have had my fill of delicious pizza made by authentic Italian women, carbs galore, and glasses of Cabernet are a happy pairing to my vacation guilt free diet. However, guilt free is not so easy to down as a glass of red wine (no matter how heart healthy it is). With another week to go, I’m already sick of the high calorie food and actually miss the gym and my blender! It’s true what they say that eating healthy truly is a lifestyle because once you go healthy it’s hard to jump right back, even if the homemade pasta is to die for. We all know it’s hard to eat healthy while on vacation because indulgence just seems to just go hand-in-hand with vacations – or why else would we call it a vacation? And my indulgence is definitely food, let me clarify it’s actually all food. So incorporating ways to work out have been my way, and really the only way, to balance my inner fat kid that thrives whenever I’m on vacation-mode.

So sick of the hotel room, high humidity, and the sad excuse of the fitness center on the premises, I’ve actually found Tracy Anderson’s fitness videos to be a lifesaver. What I love about her videos are that they’re the perfect balance of exercise and enjoyment because I’m still on vacation and would still love to be a little glutinous! Her method employs using ones own body weight so no weights needed! Now, I can still target my problem areas and keep them in check during my weeks of foodie galavanting. Plus we all want to look fabulous in our strapless maxi dresses while on vacation by the end of Week 2. And exercising while on vacation keeps you in the fitness mode, so we don’t have to worry about having only salads upon our return. It’s like coming back to a clean house after traveling, no one likes to do more work post-vacation high.



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