Book of The Month: The Fault In Our Stars

John Green hits all the right marks in this one. Admittedly hesitant at first, due to  the initial idea of reading about the life happenings of Hazel Grace: a 16-year old stage IV-cancer survivor in which her bio made me weepy alone, but the Time Magazine named it as the #1 fiction book of 2012 – so I relented.

The book is smartly written and provides a refreshing raw take on the subjects of death, cancer, and even teenage romance. You can’t help but love Hazel Grace and the intertwined faith of her and Augustus.  John Green has so thoughtfully written it so that with each and every page, you can’t help but live, breathe, and think more like Hazel Grace. Unexpectedly sentimental without it being cliche, which is hard to do when reading about one of life’s biggest challenges, and it was thought-provoking and entertaining all-in-one. Honest, charming, and adds a piece to the puzzle that we’re all trying to find. Whether it be in finding God, finding our purpose, or even finding a truer definition of what love and forever is. The Fault in Our Stars is a wonderful addition in getting closer to finding our answers.

Highly recommend. Buy it here. Okay? Okay.

XX. Tiffany


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