A Salon That Will Blow You Away!

Modern interiors, vibrant yellow hairdryers, and the clinking of champagne glasses. If this sounds familiar, than you too have frequented the Drybar just a bit too many times like I have. Drybar first opened their doors in 2010 and I remember I was immediately curious when I got the invite. Already drawn in solely by aesthetic alone, their catchy slogan of “no cuts, no color, just blowouts” came at an affordable flat rate of $35. I was not the only one drawn in because before I knew it, the era of blowouts began. Salons offering blowouts started popping up all throughout major cities and social media/news articles were raving about the sleek variety of services offered. However, I still hold Drybar as The Holy Grail of all Blowbars and with dozens of locations springing up due to high demand, I highly recommend you to see what all the hype is about and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Drybar is the perfect host to a morning retreat with your girls for a round of mimosas and blowouts or just for some perfect me-alone time. I prefer the latter, just me and whatever chick flick that’s playing on their big screen TV – and let’s not forget the bubbly.


Dry Bar, New York


Their Menu of Concoctions


Perfect for special occasions or just for no reason all.

XX. Tiffany


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